Reasons Why You Should Not Use Makeup Wipes

Many women fall prey to the “removal” label of some makeup wipes. They use the additional benefits of convenience and easy disposal. But we are here to tell you that makeup wipes do neither of the two. Wet wipes, in general, are the leading cause of sewer blockages at a 93 % rate. Aside from the fact that they are filling up the oceans and causing hazards to the environment, they are also reportedly bad for your skin.  

Makeup wipes are generally good at cleaning makeup off your clothes or wiping away some mascara on your eyes and lipstick stains around your mouth. However, truth be told, they do not efficiently and effectively clean your face from makeup. According to a notorious skincare blogger, Amber Rambharose, makeup wipes are fake skincare. They can be convenient to use at day, but they are ineffective and even harmful when used at night.  

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The following are the reasons why you should quit using makeup wipes.  

They do not fully clean your face 

No matter how dirty the wipe looks, it still leaves a good amount of makeup and dirt on your face. What makeup typically do is they just smear around the makeup dirt and dead skin on your face, which can cause irritation to your skin after hours of exposure. And aside from dirt and dead skin, they also leave behind grime and oil that can be accumulated in your skin pores. This also creates irritation on your skin. Water and soap and/or facial cleanser are still more effective than makeup wipes, especially at night. 

They cause skin irritation and irritation 

If you use some wipes to clean your face, you will notice some redness on your skin. Most people associate this with the material being rubbed on the skin, but it because of something serious than that. Wipes contain strong, drying chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils as well as altering the pH of your acid mantle. The chemicals are needed to keep the wipes moist and last longer. They are usually soaked in preservatives and alcohol to prevent bacteria buildup. Aside from this, wipes sometimes have surfactants to dissolve makeup and grime. Some contain fragrances that have “blended” chemicals on them. These chemicals are said to induce skin irritation, stinging, and, inflammation and dryness. 

They are not biodegradable 

Wipes may be easy to dispose of when used, but they are not biodegradable. This means it takes many years to decompose them. As mentioned, they are some of the leading causes of sewer blockages and water pollution. However, some brands offer biodegradable properties to their wipes.  

They will make age faster 

If you always use wipes, you are letting your skin experience consistent exposure to chemicals, and ineffective cleansing. As a result, your skin will become dehydrated, dirty, and dry. Prolonged face wipe usage can significantly strip your face natural oil and moisture. Chemicals in this material can also make your skin red, inflamed and unhealthy. These all contribute to the faster death of skin cells resulting in premature aging.